The Whore, Touring London, a Silly Old Cow and Vibrating objects on Holy week

20 Apr

Well it has been a lonnnggg time since I blogged. Everything has been so hectic, between work and unpaid work and looking for ‘socially accepted employment’ my mother would approve of.  I havn’t had time to think. However I am finally sitting on the train to visit my family for the Easter so I shall update you all on my previous few days.

You know what amazes me, I am such a confident person in life, however in interviews I freeze. ( I just came back from a god awful interview). I’ll call it horrific and tedious if I want to be a drama queen. I find it amazing how I can meet with clients and take the lead in every scenario, I can dress up in provocative fancy dress and pretend to be one of the Mafia wives from the movie goodfellas while he holds a plastic gun to my head f**kng me from behind ( honestly happened, Goodfellas-random film I know) and yet I freeze when someone asks me ‘what’s your strengths and weakness?’ – I go completely blank. I definitely didn’t get the job and by sounds of it, it sounds like something I would hate anyway. I’ve always been the type of girl who likes a little danger and excitement anyway. Even in school I always went out with the bad boys who would cheat and smoke weed, I always kissed other girls boyfriends and would play hookey from study to hang around with the hot boy in 6th year whilst I was only a 3rd year. I was always like that. This job would be perfect for me if legal, that’s what sickens me. The fact I have to look for a boring office job I would hate as opposed to living the way I do now. I don’t want to pursue my sexual services forever but I’d like to think I could use my knowledge of the business to become an Entrepreneur within the industry if the Government finally saw sense and legalised it.  Pain in the arse, bloody interview has wound me right up. Silly old cow who interviewed me anyway.

Moving swiftly on, I am going on tour in London on 3rd May for a week and cannot wait. A friend of mine who I worked with briefly ( my previous work ‘girlfriend’ -threesome, swinger parties etc) is now based with an elite Escort agency in London and I will be working with her agency as a ‘luxury’ item. ( I feel so glamorous but really it’s a marketing campaign to make me appear as a limited edition, therefore more work for me and more money for them). My friend Candace ( Escort name) is originally from Sweden but manages to speak with an English accent ( slightly creeps me out a little). She’s gorgeous looking a brunette babe with a pair of plastic boobs and cheek implants. If you’ve ever watched that programme Secret Diary of a Call Girl you would get the impression Escorts are lonely creatures with barely any female friends or relationships, ( not true).

I have a few friends that are Escorts and we all maintain good relationships. Obviously it is a little harder to hold down a relationship whilst doing what I do but it is NOT impossible. There are some men who are understanding and see it for what it is- A Job. Anyway to my knowledge most marriages are filled with unfaithful spouses and misery so what am I really missing out on at 21? Nothing by the looks of it. Candace is a doll though. She arranged the whole thing for me, all I had to do was email the link of my website to the agency and have a quick Skype interview and all was done. Plain and simple. The money is ammaazinnng though. You’d nearly cum just thinking of it. Because the agency is one of London’s most prestigious I will receive £375 per hour and an all nighter will be £2,500. I am currently being advertised on their upcoming listings and so far I have only one booked appointment. ( fingers crossed that will all change in the next two weeks or my tour will be extremely short lived). I am sooooo excited though.

To be honest business has been a little slow. I have seen my regulars like Martin and David this week but have been so under pressure with other things I’ve decided to take a back seat for a few days. Plus every girl need that ‘one week’ off ( As an Escort it is a top priority to know when your menstrual week is otherwise you have to cancel with excuses like your Granny died to save face) I actually hate that week because it’s always my horniest strangely enough. I have enough vibrating objects to keep myself entertained for my wholesome weekend home in the country.

God forgive me on holy week, I shall be confessing my sins 😉


I will not Skype my Knickers to Rhys Ifans

13 Apr


Skype is probably the BEST communications tool in the world. It allows me to meet a client and let me get an idea of what he’s like.  When I reply to emails I always say it’s a requirement to meet me for a brief Skype date; however some do insist they don’t have a webcam or Skype itself (Which of course is believable) and we instead arrange an outcall date. (When meeting a client for the first time I always make sure it will be at a hotel for my own safety).

When I first ever installed Skype into my laptop I thought it was amazing. I could talk to everyone for free, see them visually and do it for as long as I wished. I would never ever do an X rated Skype date with a client, NEVER.  Even if he proposed double the pay and half the time, I would never do it. Purely because I’d be worried they’d be some way the client could record it and boom before you know it, I’m an amateur porn star. Skype is only a useful tool I use to meet and see the clients so I can analyse them and see for myself if their eerie or con-men (You’d be surprised how quickly your instincts become a radar when working as an escort. I always go by my gut feelings as I’m usually always right.

The reason I’m discussing this as I’ve just had quick meeting with a new client Adam via Skype.  He’s clean cut, fair haired, quite attractive in a Rhys Ifans kind of way.  He seemed relatively young around mid-thirties or so and was quite charming. He seems okay and wants to schedule an outcall meeting this Friday, I shall have to see about though due to another one of 7th cousins once removed dying. (In Ireland you HAVE to go to a funeral even if you never met them but the milkman did, it’s a sweet gesture but can be head wrecking enough as I have to go to around 8 funerals a MONTH. The regional radio’s across Ireland they have a small part of the show dedicated to ‘Death Notices’ I’m serious, Ireland is funeral crazy). I’m going to try and get out of it but it means one hundred nagging phone calls from my mother which I think will be more depressing than the funeral. Anyway I shall have to see.

When I asked Rhys Ifans lookalike Adam if he wanted to make any special requests he said No which means I’m going to have to coax it out of him. Why can’t people be upfront about it? I want a threesome , I want GF (girlfriend experience) I want FF ( foot fetish) is all very straight forward then, I’m a professional, I’m not going to become embarrassed or judgemental.  We’re meeting at The Shelbourne Hotel if plans are to go ahead for dinner and drinks. I’m assuming we’ll be staying in The Shelbourne if we’re eating there but he never said. I told him not to book the hotel until I know if I can definitely meet with him so we shall have to see.

I have a busy day to day, I have to forward on releases for my internship and I have two potential clients to meet. One via Skype and the other wants to take for dinner and that’s it. (A girl has to eat doesn’t she 😉

FINALLY- A small note to be added (* Completely irrelevant to the above *)

Today my prayers are with those who were murdered by The Long Island Serial Killer. It is both distressing and unimaginable and I hope that Bast**d is caught.  Its tragic events like these that make me feeling even angrier prostitution is still not legalised. Street Prostitutes would be a lot safer and the whole system would be regulated.

They always said Prostitution is the oldest trade in the book; therefore some will always be turning tricks. The problem mainly is some refuse to not realise some of us enjoy working within this industry, others have no choice and then there are some who are physically forced.  By making it legal many girls would have a better chance at life and the stigma of working as working girl wouldn’t be as frowned upon ( I would hope).


At the end of the day Ireland needs to come out of the stone age and face the reality of these issues. I would love to see the rise in escorts etc since Irish politician’s self handily ran our country into the 1980’s recession and left nearly half the country jobless.

Sorry about my rants every now again, it just angers me to a point where I know I would frowned upon for what I do as 21 year old girl but I don’t see any other way? Dublin is expensive, food is expensive, everything is so expensive and there’s no work. If I want my dream job I have to work from the bottom to the top, I can’t afford to immigrate so therefore I am what I am.

The luck of the Irish is now only a faded memory.


Opening my box for Pandora

12 Apr

Did you ever hear of that old tale and saying ‘Never open Pandora’s Box’ well I met Pandora for opening mine.

One of my ‘Blow in’ regulars Kishen meets with me every now and again. ‘Blow in’ is what I call clients who live outside of Ireland but contact me for my services whilst visiting. Kishen lives in South London, or South England? I can’t believe I have actually just forgotten where about he’s from, very embarrassing on my behalf. Moving swiftly on, Kishen works in Public Relations so he regularly flies back and forth to Dublin to his works sister company. ( Think I have that right).

I have only known Kishen briefly but have met with him on several different occasions. He is wonderful, thoughtful and always tells me how he loves Irish women’s accents. I speak quite fast and he told me at the beginning he never used to have a clue of what I would be talking about but just loved the way it sounded. I took it as a compliment but try to slow the pace down a little now, ( it’s a country thing speaking a million miles a minute).

Kishen has admitted to me he hires escorts when away on business as a treat for himself. There is no emotional attachment to me, I don’t make any difference to his life, this makes the transaction between us simple, straightforward and the only focus is to enjoy each other’s company, have great sex and make his visit an unforgettable experience. In a way I like to think I am maintaining the tourist industry in Ireland, Haha. That’s one way to bring tourism, I think Michael O’Leary has the right idea, I remember watching a thing on You Tube before about his plans to launch Transatlantic Ryanair flights and how he said the difference between economy and business class is blow jobs are free in Business and in economy you’ll have to pay extra, haha, I love his attitude to marketing and think it work fantastically. If you want to watch that clip then click on this link

The one thing I love about Kishen is his presents. He never buys me roses as he knows they die too quickly ( love that) he always buys me a bouquet of his own selection. He’s bought me Chance Chanel perfume ( my favourite) and Brown Thomas Vouchers, but my favourite present of all time from any client, friend or relative is the Pandora chain he bought me. Every time he visits he brings me two new charms to add to my Pandora. I’ve had to get it insured it’s worth so much by this point.

It’s the only thing in my life where myself and Jodie combine. Kishen buys me charms which he feels represents me, whilst I bought myself a dog charm as a symbol of my deceased Golden Retriever ( bit dark and morbid I know).  He’s actually promised me to bring me to London and see Dirty Dancing in the West End soon. ( obviously I will have to wait till I am cordially invited) .

What I love about Kishen is that his visits always feel special. They involve dinner, Junior executive suites, flowers, presents and hot anticipated sex ( which I do enjoy with him). Sometimes I’m enjoying myself so much I do have to pinch myself and remind myself that I’m working. For anyone that instantly believes I’m glamorising my job, I am. However this is just an example of a perfect client and gentleman, I have met many who view me as an object and not the powerful Independent woman I am trying to be perceived as. I also don’t want to insult my own but I do find British and American men tend to be more romantic and more respective of escorts as opposed to Irish men.

Maybe this is due to Ireland still being a bit backwards when addressing sex. For example the last Magdalene laundry was only closed in 1996. ( Yes, women who would become pregnant unmarried were still thrown in a damaging institution against their will if becoming pregnant before wed.) or maybe the fact sex education is barely discussed in schools, I know I was never taught it.  Also Irish men and their drink can be a problem the odd time. I’ve met a few clients who are clearly nervous about meeting me and so they insist we go for ‘drinks’. I only stick to a three drink minimum and NEVER leave my drink standing alone ( you can’t trust anyone). Sometimes the clients have become too merry for my liking and I’ve walked away from the date, taking with me only a proportion of my wage. If a client doesn’t make a first good impression I will never see them again. Sometimes it’s not about the money but about the job itself and what I deserve as a respected escort.

As far as I’m concerned I’m still pursuing my dream career, I’m just not being spoilt and making my parents become broke individuals.

Secretly I love my job when it’s good and sometimes I don’t. Typical working world.

Anyway it’s Tuesday and nearly 3’o’clock and I haven’t even began cleaning my apartment or Jodiefying myelf for Martin. Something tells me it’s going to be a longgggg week!





My first Escort Fantasy ;)

11 Apr

I honestly never believed I would be a prostitute. I also never realised it would be a hard job either.

During college I was used to only eating cheap noodles, wearing Canterbury sweatpants all day long and being generally broke 24/7.  Since leaving college I now  have to work as an unpaid intern in order to build my CV ( and you think I’m exploiting myself, the government are exploiting me and every other graduate out there)  . Dublin is an expensive city and  last year my mother sat me down and informed me I wouldn’t be able to go back to Dublin if I didn’t have a job as she could no longer help me pay rent. Desperate and determined I worked for free during the day and in a bar by night. To say I hated it would be the biggest understatement of the century. I DESPISED it and stayed in the bar for 3 weeks total.

Depressed and extremely drunk I randomly went to one of Dublin’s main strip clubs where I became friendly enough with a Liverpool stripper. (I went with for one of my quirky friend’s birthdays). She was a brilliant character and told me I would make a fortune at stripping due to my boobs being real and my look was perfect. I seriously thought about it but was too chicken shit to apply in case I’d meet work colleagues or people from my home town. I then instantly thought of escorting and began researching into it. Some escorts charge thousands for their time and suddenly the large numerical figures staring back at me drew me in and before I knew it, it was the only thing I would fantasise about.

I imagined myself in a plush Dublin apartment in Donnybrook, owning a mini cooper and flying around the globe first class. I imagined no bills, no nagging parents, no more roots in my hair, no more noodles and best of all, feeling no more guilt. I researched into Escorting agencies in Dublin and sent in my photos and application and awaited their call which came within the next hour.

I always imagined a madam to be secretive and glamorous. Truthfully she looked like a frumpy old lady who spoke with a thick north Dublin accent and reeked of cigarettes and onions (strange I know). We met at The Porter House in Temple Bar to discuss my application. She told me for every client I had she would take 40% of the wage, If I ever suddenly had to cancel a client at short notice I would owe a fee between 30-100 euro ( depends on clients requests).  I was also told I would have to provide my own cab fares and travel, (unless provided by the client) pay for my own professional photos to be done for their website and if I was ever caught meeting the agency’s regulars independently and without the agency’s knowledge that I would dealt with accordingly and blacklisted from them. (I remember I found that a little threatening and felt a little uneasy when she said that). Aside from her smoke diseased breath scaring the bolox out of me she did promise they would keep me safe and that all of their escorts are promoted as ladies to attract respectful and wealthy clients.

I stayed with that agency for three months. To be honest I felt I would earn alot me if I worked independently and I’d be able to be flexible with my hours and I could choose my clients.  Madam Margaret (agency’s madams name) I felt had a dislike to me. I would constantly ignore her phone calls if it didn’t suit and I once asked a client to leave as he refused to shower. She went crazy at me for doing that, but what else was I supposed to do? Madam Margaret if you’re ever reading this you will instantly know it’s you I am talking about as I have a confession to make, I robbed Stephen, Abe and Mc No Balls (nickname) from your agency, told you I’d prove you wrong. 😉

Since then I have been working as an independent escort and can afford my rent, bills, clothes and little extras. It’s exhilarating. Now I’m not saying I am a millionaire ( I dare to dream) but I’m kicking this recessions arse- by spanking their arses 😉

Some may ask am I proud of what I do, but then I again it’s hard for people to understand how demotivating it is when you get one job rejection after the next when you know you’ve just worked your balls off trying to get a good degree and work experience . I am my own boss and right now this feels right.  If I was on the Dublin Social scene I would probably have a   job- but my parents are country folk and I will not put any more pressure on them.

So what I have sex for money. Most Irish girls probably had a one night stand after Copper Face Jacks (Dublin’s most drunk singleton nightclub)- I never did 😉 I charge 200 an hour and many Irish girls probably had a one night stand after he bought them a chicken burger from Babylon takeaway?

Ironic how I’m called the slut 😉 ahh Jodie you intelligent whore 🙂




A Friday Night Spanking

9 Apr

I cant believe it’s half two and I’m literally only crawling into bed now with a hot cuppa, electric blanket and a catch up on The Only Way is Essex. ( Love that show).

Last night I met a new client Seamus. He’s only 32 and an average looker. We met for a quick drink first in Bruxelles and then moved onto dinner at the The Chatnam Brasserie. ( Food is amazing by the way, definitely order the muscles). He wasn’t nervous at all, which I love. Believe it or not I actually can’t stand when a man is nervous. There’s nothing worse than attempting conversation with a fella that looks like a rabbit caught in the headlights. I also wonder why hire an escort for just a date as well if your that petrified? One client was in his mid fifties and worked in politics ( discretion of course). He is a brilliant public speaker, answers to the press and addresses the public on a daily basis, however when it came to meeting little old me he was nearly shaking. Bloody nightmare.

Anyway back to Seamus. We chit chatted throughout the meal, the conversation was flowing nicely and then all of a sudden he asks the question. Why do you do this? You could be so much more ( after he discovered I have a 2:1 honours degree and am fluent in french).
When asked this I always feel degraded which is something I hate, I always feel like saying ‘ Okay, why want to spend your hard earned cash on me and not some virginal twat that’s going to bore you with stories about her meaningless single life’ ( Bit harsh I know but it’s such a pain in the arse to listen to.  Obviously I don’t throw a complete bitch fit and simply tell Seamus it’s because I love what I do and am extremely good at it, ( I also add a cheeky wink to get him a little excited). 😉

My main rule is not to inform clients about my life. My father was and still is abusive and my mother is a saint. When I say abusive I don’t mean OJ Simpson abusive, my dad just gets wound up extremely easily. We both have the exact same personalities so it come to a head quite often. My mother is simply the most wonderful person you could ever meet, an absolute pet. Why would I inform a client I wore braces for years, used to have chronic nosebleeds, have a deformed little toe and didn’t loose my virginity till 18( bet you never thought that). I always keep myself and Jodie separate.

I must apologise for my constant change of subject, when I’m this tired I just can’t sleep and tend to ramble on a little bit. So again back to Seamus. Seamus wasn’t wearing a ring so my assumption was he wasn’t married. He preferred to not tell me what he does for a living ( strange I know) but he did tell me his profession was secretive like mine. I was extremely intrigued and was actually becoming a little excited at the thought of having sex with Ireland’s version of James Bond or an undercover agent. ( I have a very vivid imagination and am bluntly aware he’s probably paranoid and just wishes to be untraceable, Seamus might not even be his name).

Under the table Iwould gently every now and again brush my leg up and down his or I would rest my hand on his arm . You would be surprised how little touches like that can excite a man.

It was an all night appointment so we went back to The Leeson St Hotel. I’m actually becoming a little turned on even writing this. Without even asking, Seamus promptly went to have a shower ( I love when you don’t have to ask) I stripped into a little pale pink and white underwear set with white stockings and suspenders ( very important to not be hardcore when meeting a client for the first time until you get to know him a little better. This is an important rule of with the only exception being if he has made a request before meeting with me) . I pushed my hair to the side and applied a bit more lippy and mascara. I apply a small amount of lube down below to make him believe I’m unbelievably wet for him and then I provocatively lay in down in the bed. When Seamus walks out he admires me ( the look a client gives when first seeing me like this always makes me feel empowered). I lead him to the bed, lay him down and gently kiss up and around his body. My boobs are huge for my size 8 frame, there a size 34G ( See I was born to be a whore) so the client and me both love when I smother my boobs in their face. I then whisper in his ears the most important question “What would you like, you can have anything”  ( Sometimes a man will tell you before you meet, or tell you straightaway but sometimes they’ll say “This is fine”). Remember the word ‘fine’ is not good and that there is always SOMETHING he wants, hence why I have been hired.

Seamus, not quite the shy mouse instantly told me to spank him and that my fingers can go anywhere. Yes many will laugh but you’d be surprised how many clients would ask for this or hint at it. Seamus typically fears the stigma of being gay as he quite subtly (yet obviously) wants me to finger is bum. Plain and simple. I was actually relieved, I hate anal and was some reason had a feeling that’s what he wanted, then again it was bum related so I was nearly right. I nuzzle into his neck and playfully tell me how dirty he is and that I shall have to punish him. I  bend him over my legs on the bed and repeatedly smack and pinch his bum, he pretends it hurts terribly and keeps apologising ‘begging’ me to stop. I tell him to hush and that constant disruption will mean he’ll be in more trouble. I then whip a condom from my bra ( yes some may think it is unprofessional but if I didn’t hide it there the client will have to stop foreplay while we root for a condom and it ruins the illusion and my reputation as high class escort.) I dab an extra bit more lubricant to the condom and first gently rub my finger against Seamus’s anal line, before softly entering my first finger. I push it in and out while throwing the odd spank and pinch in, after 10 minutes, he begged me to orgasm, and he did. He quickly pushed me down, grabbed his own penis and masturbated himself all over my chest.

Remember that night was an all nighter, that’s just one orgasm down 😉

Anyway I best stop rambling and best get a quick kip. Saturday night and another client at 7pm. But tomorrows Sunday 🙂 whoop catch up with friends and an all day me day. Jodie can hang up her heels till Tuesday for Martin.

Ps: This Blogging is Addictive.


My Martin ( On Tuesdays and Thursdays anyway)

8 Apr

Martin, 43, married and an incredible lover. He is gentle, kind and talks to me about his work, friends and previous life experiences.  I provide him with my most preferred service- The Girlfriend Experience.

When providing this service you don’t act like a nagging, spoilt usual girlfriend screaming for attention and telling your partner all you childhood issues and problems. It is much more complicated than that. I provide an illusion.Something the client needs and imagines.

It is not about sex and pretending to listen, it’s about connecting with the client. Martin works in Advertising and maintains he has a good relationship with his wife. However he feels as though his life is straight forward and there is nothing exciting and mischievous.

He calls to my apartment every Thursday and Tuesday after work for two hours.  When he enters he hands me an envelope without saying anything and kisses me on the cheek. It’s a way to forget he’s paying me and a chance to believe the illusion is real. I ask him about his day, compliment his new new haircut, tell him I noticed his new advertising campaign across Dublin and that it’s fantastic. He tells me he missed me and apologises for being so busy at work for the past few days.( another figment of the imagination to believe the illusion is real and that I am not a service but  his girlfriend). I tell him not to worry and that his absence has made me think about him every second of every day.

In an instant he pushed me down on the couch ferociously kissing around my neck and ears, unwrapping me as though I were his most prized present. He always goes down on me, always. I have found this to be a rare trait in clients, I believe that it makes the experience more realistic for Martin and more enjoyable for me. We then go on to have sex, nothing unusual just good old fashioned missionary position. He climaxes, truthfully I pretend. I let him hold me for a few minutes before making him a cup of tea. We sit there cuddled, laugh at my lack of knowledge on Irish  politicians and he tells me how we will plan a holiday soon, just the two of us.

It’s all an illusion but I love my Tuesday and Thursdays with Martin, I honestly do. People may judge me for doing what I do, sleeping with a married man. I am a service, I am not emotionally involved. I am not a home wrecker those who choose to purchase my services are making their own risks.

Best leave now before I ramble too much, have an 8’o’clock date that I best prepare for. The joy of a busy weekend.




Whore in the big smoke

6 Apr

My name is not Jodie Scholars. Today I am sitting in sweatpants, my hair wrapped in a bun and my apartment a mess. My life is pretty ordinary for that of a jobless graduate on the hunt for employment.

The truth is I am employed.


Today I am me.

Last Night I was Jodie Scholars.

I have decided to write a blog to maintain separate from myself and from Jodie. The truth is I’m an educated Journalism Graduate, who is now a prostitute. You can call me a whore, slag, slapper, slut, it doesn’t matter to me. I screw for money so therefore society is ‘allowed’ to call me a whore. But I like to think without money it’s me who gets screwed


By far from my childhood dream  but then again how realistic is  becoming a world-class singer. I am attractive, smart and extremely independent.  My life sounds very Belle De Jour but truthfully I cannot move home to my parents. I need to start my career, I need a lifestyle. Of course nobody knows about Jodie. My boyfriend certainly doesn’t, my friends would hate her and my catholic parents would disown her.

I live in Dublin Ireland and am not a street-walker. I advertise through my tasteful website design which I am very proud of. I studied website design as an elective  in college and feel my lecturer would have been proud of the sites professionalism.

Life as Jodie isn’t distasteful and it’s true I have met some utter gentlemen whilst being a working girl and some who I would rather not meet again. There are two type of men, men who respect women and those who don’t. 98% of those  I have met respect me and treat me like a lady. I believe if I want to build a client list of gentlemen I must be up in the elite of Escorts.

I am only 21,nearly 22 and want everything most little girls want. I want a marriage, I want children, I want a comfortable home with a king Charles puppy and money to keep me standing in a pair of Kurt Geiger shoes. I am split between Jodie and myself.

Jodie does not do drugs, has  never been the victim of a sexual attack and likes to think she dresses like Cheryl Cole when at work. She loves meeting in places like Cafe en Sein ( because the cocktails are to die and the interior is gorgeous) or Ely Wine Bar (because the sea bass is amazing). My favourite hotel would be a tie between The St Helens Wood Radisson and The Carton Hotel, they remind of castle and I when I’m there I always imagine my wedding day there.

Me, I want to work in the media and eventually be a top Publicist. To get me there I have to work for free as an Intern and I’m sorry but I wouldn’t be able to work full-time for free and then part-time as shop assistant or waitress. The truth is I would make twice a much working as an escort in one hour than I would make as 4 day waitress in two weeks. I am not glamorising my job. Like any job it has its perks and it has it’s downsides. The again my job can pay for my rent in one hours work and let me have extra money to socialise, buy nice clothes and work as full-time Intern without badgering my mother for money. My mother is amazing. She supported me throughout college and in the current recession her Nursing wages have been slashed so much she can barely pay the mortgage. My dad wouldn’t give a penny if I asked him so I don’t even waste my time.

I believe every girl is a potential whore. Two years ago I would laugh if you told me I would be wearing stockings, suspenders and corsets four days a week to provide a sexual service to men and couples. Now I would laugh if you told me too chose another part-time profession.

I am an Irish Whore but you can never judge someone until you’re in their shoes. Especially when mine are Louboutins.